Component Stereo Speaker System For Bike Handlebar


Imagine…  an in-car entertainment unit (ICE) for your bike,

a mobile entertainment system for your electric scooter !


The FEDOG Bluetooth Stereo Bicycle Speakers are fantastic for use on handlebars of bicycles, electric scooters and even motorbikes.


The system consists of :

  • Stereo Speaker Pair (Bluetooth enabled)
  • Control Unit
  • Portable Battery
  • T6 Front Light (Optional)


With this system, you get :

  • Entertainment On-The-Road – Separate left-right channel speakers allow you to install them at different sides of your bike’s handlebar, so you enjoy enhanced stereo effect of the music (distinct musical tones coming separately from the left or right speakers, as the composer intended). These powerful FRONT FACING speakers can be optimally positioned to direct sound towards the rider.
  • Entertainment Options – Enjoy music streaming via your mobile phone, SD card, FM Radio.
  • Handsfree Calling – Answer phone calls safely when the speakers are paired via bluetooth with your mobile phone.
  • Improved Riding Navigation – Pair the bluetooth speakers to the GPS navigation application on your mobile phone. Easy to hear direction instructions while you ride.
  • Power On-The-Go – High capacity portable battery charges and powers your devices for long rides. 3.7V for Speakers, 5.0V for bright T6 light, 5.0V for USB compliant mobile phones and devices.
  • See In The Dark – Powerful front light brightens up your path.
  • Weatherproof – No worries about the system getting wet in the rain.


View Detailed Specifications of the FEDOG Bluetooth Stereo Bicycle Speakers


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