Best Electric Scooter For Last Mile Transportation


Last mile refers to the commuting gap between a public transit location (e.g. a train station / bus interchange) and the final destination.

Typically, commuters may walk or take a feeder bus service to their destination.

For bus users, a common pain point is irregular bus arrival timings.  To accommodate this, commuters have to cater additional travelling time.


What if you can …

Beat The Bus Waiting Game !


A possible last mile transportation solution is to use an electric scooter.

  • Imagine not having to deal with unpredictable bus arrival timings.
  • Enjoy the ‘Go Anytime’ and ‘Go Anywhere’ conveniences of a car.
  • A transport that literally brings you right from the door step of your home to your destinations’. (An answer to the first mile last mile problem)


So which is the best electric scooter to solve the last mile transportation problem ?

If you plan to use your electric scooter to ride to the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) Station, decide if you will like to bring your scooter on board the train.

If you plan to do so, consider following :

  • Is the scooter foldable ?
  • Is it portable ?
  • Will you need to carry the scooter far to get to the train ?
  • Is it easy to bring it up a crowded train ?


The Glion Scooter Solution

The Glion electric scooter is a portable motorised kickscooter, powered by rechargeable batteries.

A powerful quiet motor in its rear wheel swiftly propels you to your destination, with speeds up to 25km/h.

When not in use, this compact foldable electric scooter can be quickly collapsed and handily rolled around like a small suitcase.

With its vertical self-standing ability, it occupies minimal floor space.

With this portable electric scooter, you’ll enjoy:


Doorstep To Doorstep Mobility

A transport that brings you exactly to places that cars can’t even go.

Effortless Travel

Unlike cycling, with the motorized scooter, you use minimal physical exertion to get to your destinations.   An answer to the concern about perspiring when walking or cycling in hot humid weather.  No Sweat.

Folds Fast

Folding/unfold the scooter in 1 second using foot !  You’ll want to continue with other pressing activities in a jiffy. If you use this light weight scooter to transit to a train, you can quickly fold it to bring it into the train station.

Convenient Rolling

The dual small roller wheels and retractable handle allows you to easily trolley the scooter, like a travel luggage, through the concourse to the train platform.  The roll is stable without having to balance the scooter while rolling. Simply roll the scooter to work, school, shopping, cinemas and wherever you can think of !

Vertical Standing

The Glion Electric Scooter can stand vertically when folded, a feature that no other scooter offers – you need not lay down the scooter to take up more floor space than necessary. It barely occupies standing space of another person.  So you can easily manoeuvre and board a jam packed MRT train during peak hours.  You need not support the full scooter weight while travelling on trains/buses.  Just grab on to avoid accidental toppling.  The scooter cover can be deployed to prevent annoying fellow commuters with metals and dirty wheels.

Minimum Parking Space

The vertical self-standing design results in little storage space required for the scooter. Just find corners to keep your Glion Scooter at home or at work. Pull the scooter indoors, avoid parking in public where there is risk of it being stolen.


With expanding reach of MRT train networks and increasing cycling paths infrastructure, using the Glion electric scooter together with these, you can speedily go anywhere an automobile can go… and ride where an automobile can’t access !

Singapore Transport Rule Compliant

This electric scooter meets the standards for Personal Mobility Device under the Active Mobility Bill.

The Glion Electric Scooter Is Simply Fun – End Boring Commutes!

Enjoy Freedom : Go Anytime, Go Anywhere.

Best Electric Scooter For First Mile Last Mile Travel

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