Electric Scooter For Adults


An electric scooter for adults offers another mode of commuting, besides using a car or bus.

This is a motorised kickscooter built to support the size and weight of a full grown adult.  It is powered by batteries.

The electric scooter is an efficient form of personal transport.

You can use it to travel to areas near your home, to buy things from shops, where it may be too far to walk yet too near to drive over.  You may even consider riding an electric scooter to work.

Depending on its battery capacity, a single charge may enable you to travel a distance range of 25 km or more.

If you stay at a place with hot and humid weather, you might sometimes find cycling un-attractive, for fear of arriving at your destination sweaty with perspiration.  In this case, an electric scooter makes a viable alternative to transport you out for a lunch appointment, without getting soaked in sweat due to the hot noon sun.

There are a few kinds of electric scooters:


Type Advantage Disadvantage
Folding Electric Scooter


Relatively light weight.  Weight averages between 7kg to 14kg.

Reasonably compact and portable to carry up buses and trains.  Allows user to combine scooter riding and other transports (e.g. train) with ease, to reach further locations.  This is also known as a last mile transport solution.

Easy to fold down to a compact size for storage at home or work place


Usually has small wheels from diameters of 6 inches to 8 inches.  Generally, smaller scooter wheels result in rougher riding experiences, as user will feel stronger vibrations when travelling on un-even surfaces.
Big Electric Scooter


These scooters typically have wheel diameters of 10 inches or more.  They may use air inflated tyres and even have a vibration absorbing suspension design, resulting in a much more comfortable ride when travelling over un-even surfaces.

The standing deck is wider and offers more space for the rider to place his feet, even side by side.

This provides more standing comfort, especially when riding long distances, say more than 5km.


Big scooters are heavy and bulkier, thus making them more difficult to fold and carry.

Their usual weight range from 14kg to 20kg, with some models even higher.

Thus it can be very tiring to carry a big electric scooter for a long duration.

Electric Scooter With Seat These are big e-scooters installed with a seat.  It allows riders to seat down to rest their legs when the travelling journey is long. Usually the seat has to be removed before the scooter can be folded.  Will be troublesome to carry scooter and seat if rider wants to board public transport (e.g. train) with his scooter.

Some scooters with seat cannot be folded.

3-wheeled Electric Scooter This kind of electric scooter offers more riding stability to the user.  Extends e-scooter travelling option to more people, some who may lack confidence balancing on two wheels. Bulky size.

Some may be difficult or impractical to fold.


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