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Which is the best bike lock to secure your bicycle or electric scooter ?

Traditionally, these are the common types :


Type Advantage Disadvantage
U-lock Strongest and takes much time to defeat. Usually can only lock up small areas of the bike (e.g. frame + 1 wheel).  Typically heaviest.
Chain lock Relatively tough.   Flexible to lock up different parts of the bike with the same lock. (e.g. both wheels + bike frame). Easily defeated by bolt cutter.
Cable lock Flexible to lock up different parts of the bike with the same lock. (e.g. both wheels + bike frame).  Smaller cable locks can be used to secure quick release saddles. Lightweight. Easily defeated by bolt cutter.


To be realistic, all bike locks can eventually be defeated.

It is a matter of how much effort and time.

As bike or scooter owners, we can only try to deploy the strongest bike lock we find practical to use.

The stronger a lock, typically, also means it is heavier to carry around on our ride.

A common problem is figuring out how to carry a lock on our bike, so that it does not impede our cycling or steering.

Introducing the Hamburg Folding Bike Lock.

Compact Folding Lock


This compact bike lock may be viewed as a good compromise between the toughness of a U-lock and the flexibility of a chain or cable lock.  It is also relatively light weight.


When not in use, it can be folded into a small bundle.

There is a mounting bracket that can carry the lock on areas such as seat post, handlebar or frame of your ride.

You may even choose to slip it into a seat saddle bag or haversack.


When in use, this lock is flexible to chain through various parts of your bicycle.

If you mount this lock on your seat post, it’s design allows you to secure the saddle and bike frame simultaneously to something solidly fixed.

Enhance theft deterrence further by installing a bike alarm.

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