Bicycle Alarm


Do you feel assured when you lock your ride (bicycle, electric scooter etc.) on the street ?


We are aware of how even the strongest bike locks can fail and be compromised by the most determined of bike thieves.

But it never hurts to use all means possible to deter theft attempts on our precious vehicle.

Some methods include :

  • Parking at places with high human traffic flow and public visibility.
  • Create hurdles by using more than one bicycle lock (e.g. combination of U-lock and cable lock).
  • Adding a bicycle anti-theft alarm


Bike alarm systems emit loud sounds to attract attention from passersby, when someone tries to steal our ride.

When evaluating bicycle alarm systems, consider :

  • Loudness of the bike alarm
  • Motion detection sensitivity of the bicycle alarm
  • Do you need a bicycle alarm with remote control function.


A remote control for the bike alarm allows you to arm or disarm the alarm from a distance.

Some remote controls allow you to activate the alarm as a bike locating feature.  Useful when you attempt to find your ride in a crowded bicycle parking area.

Secure A Bicycle Alarm

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