Scooter-Train Commute


If you commute using the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train, you will need to decide how to travel to the train station.  This is commonly known as solving the last mile transport problem.

One solution is to use a portable electric scooter to start your journey to the train station.  At the station, fold up your motorised kick scooter to board a train.  Upon arrival at your destination train station, unfold the foldable electric scooter and ride off to your final destination.  An effective door to door transport solution with minimal physical exertion required.

If you use this scooter-train commute strategy, it is recommended to choose a light weight folding electric scooter that it is very transportable.  If possible, choose one that you can roll in its folded position.  This kind of design allows you to easily trolley the scooter to the train platform.  Certainly less tiring than carrying it all the way to the train.  You will want a scooter that folds compactly, so that you are able to board crowded trains without causing inconveniences to fellow commuters.

Additionally, consider how you may carry your belongings while riding your electric scooter.  Quick release racks and baskets are practical solutions to keep both hands free to manoeuvre your scooter and carry the load on the scooter.  These carriers may be swiftly removed when you need to fold your e-scooter.

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