Extender für Sattelstütze mit Lenkeradapterkopf
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Seatpost Extender with Handlebar Adapter (Set)


including Handlebar Adapter, on seat post

Extender enables you to use all handlebar accessories on seat posts. Fits for bags, backpacks and baskets. Easy mounting with stainless strap for Ø25-32mm. Handlebar adapter head included.

Ideal on bikes without rear rack, allowing you to click on bigger bags, backpacks, baskets or Vario rack (depending on the amount of space on your bike).

Benefit of this set up on seatpost is the weight of items that you carry on your bike does not affect bicycle steering.


We don‘t advise the use on carbon seatposts or recommend to take advice from the manufacturer.


Maximum load 5kg

Ø32-36mm clamp for oversize seat posts available for purchase separately.

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