Front Rack For Carryme Folding Bike


Ques :

What do I need to order to mount the Vario rack to the front of my CarryMe bicycle ?

Ans :

If you plan to install the KLICKfix adapter on CarryMe’s front mount, you will need following :
1) BXSP001 KLICKfix handlebar adapter to CarryMe mounting plate
2) BX00034 KLICKfix handlebar adapter, 26mm
or BX00035 KLICKfix handlebar adapter standard Ø 22-26mm + oversize Ø 31.8mm
or BX00037 KLICKfix handlebar adapter, 26mm with lock
3) BX00059 KLICKfix Vario Rack


carryme klickfix vario 1



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