Electric Scooter Basket


Ques :

What do I need to mount a basket on my electric scooter ?

Ans :

You will need following :
1) BX00047 KLICKfix Caddy Adapter 22-36mm
2) BX00060 KLICKfix Shopper Comfort Mini Black



The Caddy Adapter comes with standard screws of 35mm length.

If the stem width of your scooter is longer than 35mm, you will need to buy longer screws to replace the standard screws.  These may be found at DIY hardware shops.

Some References :

  • E-TWOW / Zoom / Scoooby / Mobot / Glion / DUALTRON – No problem, can use the standard 35mm screws that come with the Caddy Adapter.
  • Inokim Quick 2 – Stem width 80mm (Get screws M5 x 70mm, 2 qty)
  • Inokim Light – (Get screws M5 x 70mm, 2 qty)
  • GoBoard – Stem width 55mm (Get screws M5 x 50mm, 2 qty)


electric scooter shopper comfort mini basket 1


MYWAY Caddy 1

MYWAY Caddy 2


GoBoard Caddy 1



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