About Us

BikeXcessories.com is a business division of GemPrezz LLP (Business Registration No: T12LL1427A), a company founded in Singapore.

BikeXcessories.com specializes in bicycle and electric scooter accessories retail and distribution.

Our primary sales channel is internet online retail.

How we got started

With the expanding Mass Rapid Transport train (MRT) network reaching many areas in Singapore, increasing lengths of Park Connector Network (PCNs) and cycling paths being built, there is even more reasons to consider bicycle commuting in Singapore.

Multi-modal travel (Bicycle – MRT – Walk) is an option that sometimes can be faster and more convenient than driving. For example, instead of driving to an IT exhibition venue and get stuck circulating the venue car park to find a parking lot, consider using the MRT and cycling to the exhibition venue. An “end to end” transport solution and no parking woes.

Cycling commuting is also a great way to get exercise into our busy lifestyle. Imagine, driving 20 minutes home from work, pack your sports attire, drive another 20 minutes to the gym to do a 60 minutes spin workout on a stationary bicycle. Why not just cycle 90 minutes home from work ?

So many benefits:

  • You get to travel home and have an exercise workout at the same time.
  • You save time. 25 minutes.
  • You get to enjoy the scenery on a moving bicycle.
  • You save on transport costs. No petrol, no ERP, no COE, no parking payments.
  • You save the environment by going green.

One of our founders does this: He takes the MRT with his folding bicycle to office in the morning. At the end of the day, he cycles 15km home, transport and exercise simultaneously.

In exploring solutions for convenient bicycle commuting, our founders discovered wonderful products sometimes not available in Singapore retail stores and decided to import these to introduce to the cycling community here.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide solutions that enhance the bicycle commuting, kick scooter commuting experience.

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