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Bicycle Luggage carrying solutions

Rixen & Kaul KLICKfix develops and produces quality bicycle accessories that are very useful in real-life cycling applications.


Vario Rack b KLICKfix’s design allows bicycle basket, bicycle rack, bicycle bag, or bottle cage to be securely fastened on your bike with a single “click” and released again through the simple press of a button.
The quick-release system fits on every bicycle.  You can select from a large variety of mounting adapters and bicycle bags.  To suit your specific needs, the KLICKfix product range offers adapters for mounting on bicycle handlebar, frame, saddle and seat post.


Handlebar adapter standard b  In particular, the KLICKfix handlebar adapter system fits very well as a bicycle luggage carrying solution for multimodal commuting , combining folding bicycle, MRT train rides, bus rides.


It allows the bicycle accessory to quickly detach from your foldable bicycle when you need to fold the bicycle.   When you unfold, KLICKfix accessories attach back to the folding bike in seconds.      Vario Rack d


With the flexibility of KLICKfix solution, you will always have the right equipment secured on your bicycle, carrying only those accessories you actually need for a given trip. Naturally, you can also transfer bags from one bike to another within seconds or use the same adapter for different accessories.

1335_yukon_rot Norco, Ortlieb and many other product manufacturers also make products that are compatible with the KLICKfix system.  So your choice of bicycle accessories is not limited to only the KLICKfix branded range.

arkel-randonneur-rack_-seat-post-rack-on-carbon-bike Arkel quick-release Randonneur Seat Post Rack attaches firmly with 3-point contact and is also suitable for bikes with carbon seatpost.



Stay on time as your commute with StemCAPtain. StepCAPtain clock black 1




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